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Modular capture plants

Carbon Centric specializes in carbon capture plants for small and medium-sized incineration trains, with emissions above 10,000 tonnes CO₂ per year. Our concept can easily be scaled up to meet the needs of incinerators with varying annual emissions.

Together with our partners, we offer modular carbon capture technology based on the use of components with standardized dimensions. This makes purchases cheaper, at the same time as the assembly takes place indoors and under controlled conditions. In sum, this enables us to help incinerators cut greenhouse gas emissions in a faster, more cost effective and safer way.

We deliver turnkey carbon capture plants to your incineration plant and can take care of the whole process from early stage planning to commissioning and operations. We can also support with operation and follow-up services if this is desired.   
When buying a plant from Carbon Centric, you get a reliable carbon capture plant based on proven technology with reference projects. We use reputable suppliers at all levels, from FEED, design, production and assembly.  

Do you want to know more? Get in touch today.

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Carbon capture as a service

Do you want a carbon capture plant for your incineration process, but need help with project development, planning, financing, construction and operation?
Carbon Centric takes care of the entire process and delivers carbon capture as a service. We specialize in carbon capture plants for small and medium-sized incineration plants, with the ambition to capture between 10,000 and 300,000 tonnes CO₂ per year.
We document the most important input factors and in addition that the quantity stored in permanent storage is verified by a third party for safe accounting.

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Sustainable CO₂

We want it to be easier for consumers of CO₂ to make good climate choices. Therefore, we offer food-grade sustainable, liquid CO₂ with biogenic origin for various purposes. Our product satisfies the food industry's requirements for purity and which opens up for a number of applications. 
The fact that our CO₂ has a biogenic origin means that we capture CO₂ that is already part of the natural carbon cycle. In other words, biogenic CO₂ does not contribute to global warming as CO₂ from fossil sources does (oil, gas and coal). Our CO₂ has between 45 and 100 percent biogenic origin, which means that you as a customer can make significant cuts in your greenhouse gas emissions. 
Carbon Centric delivers CO₂ in liquid form directly to you, and we also assist with the delivery of tank solutions if you need it. 

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Reduction of carbon footprint as a service

Carbon Centric removes CO₂ from the air for you - even if you are not the owner of an point emission.
Fortunately, there are more and more companies that set ambitious climate goals for their businesses. At the same time, many are experiencing challenges in the new market for greenhouse gas reduction and "carbon offsets" and especially related to immature frameworks and greenhouse gas accounting. We want carbon removal to be easy to understand and verifiable for your company, and therefore help to capture 100% biogenic CO₂ and store it in geological formations forever.  Biogenic CO₂ is already part of the cycle, and by capturing and storing it, CO₂ is removed from the atmosphere, resulting in negative emissions. Your company can claim these negative emissions by purchasing carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint.

With this service, we take care of capture, transport and permanent storage, without you having to invest in your own capture facility and without you having to have your own a emission point. 

As part of the service, we document the most important input factors and the amount stored in permanent storage is verified by a third party for safe accounting of negative emissions.

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