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Agreement with Linde Gas AS

Carbon Centric has entered into a supply agreement with Linde Gas AS for liquid CO₂. Linde Gas is one of the world's largest industrial gas companies and has a significant position in the Norwegian market.

Liquid gas will be produced at the planned carbon capture plant in Rakkestad. Here, Carbon Centric will remove CO₂ from the flue gas from a waste incineration plant owned by Østfold Energi. The product will meet Linde's high requirements for quality, purity, and certification. The product will be distributed further to Linde's customers within various market segments.

The project is a good example of a circular economy and the use of surplus energy. Large quantities of CO₂, which today are vented to the open air, will be captured by Carbon Centric and used as a raw material in a number of applications.

At Rakkestad, the majority of the gas has a biogenic origin. This means it is part of the short carbon cycle. Use of CO₂ that is recycled from this type of process, displaces fossil CO₂ and therefore leads to less CO₂ in the atmosphere. This ensures the project has a climate-positive effect and carbon-negative footprint from a life cycle perspective.

- This agreement is very important for our project, and we are proud to receive this recognition from Linde, says Fredrik Häger, CEO of Carbon Centric.


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