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Carbon Centric awarded ENOVA funding

Today Enova shared the news that Carbon Centric has been selected to receive up to NOK 23.8 million in project development support for two of its carbon capture projects under development together Vardar Varme and Eidsiva Bioenergi.

The support is awarded under the "pre-study carbon capture 2030" program. Among 18 applicants, 9 projects were selected to share a total of NOK 200 million. Carbon Centric was the only applicant to receive support for two projects.

This support will fuel Carbon Centric's mission to drive forward sustainable solutions and pave the way for a greener future. We're incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Thank you to Enova for believing in our vision and supporting our efforts to make a positive impact.

About Enova

Enova SF is owned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Set up to contribute to a faster transition to a low-emission society. Read more here.


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