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Cooperation agreement with Norsk e-Fuel

Norsk e-Fuel and Carbon Centric have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), where Carbon Centric will be responsible for the production and delivery of CO₂ for Norsk e-Fuel's production of sustainable aviation fuel (e-fuel).

E-fuel differs from other types of sustainable aviation fuel (known under the collective term, SAF "Sustainable Aviation Fuels"), in that e-fuel is produced without biomass from agriculture or crops. E-fuel is produced using green hydrogen (renewable electricity and water) and CO₂.

Norsk e-Fuel is working to establish the first production facility for e-fuel in Mosjøen. E-fuel will be important for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in air transport. The EU has set high targets for increasing the phasing in of SAF. This is especially important on long-haul flights, where electrification of the aircraft fleet will not be possible. A major advantage of e-fuel is that it can be mixed into today's aviation fuel, meaning there is no need to change existing infrastructure, including the current aircraft fleet that is compatible with this fuel type.

Photo: Illustration of the production facility in Mosjøen

We are pleased to announce a collaboration with Norsk e-Fuel. The airline industry demands SAF, and in Norway, we are in a good position to produce e-fuel. In addition to decarbonizing the airline industry, the cooperation with Norsk e-Fuel helps us accelerate the development of capture capacity, which the world needs a lot of in the years to come, says Kenneth Juul, CCO at Carbon Centric.

Photo: Kenneth Juul, CCO, Carbon Centric and Lars Bjørn Larsen, CCO, Norsk e-Fuel

Carbon Centric is in the process of building a platform to handle all aspects of the new CO₂ industry. This platform will aggregate recycled CO₂ from a number of different emission sources. Based on this, Carbon Centric will deliver liquid CO₂ to the planned production facility of Norsk e-Fuel in Mosjøen. In the long term, the platform will also be able to deliver CO₂ to permanent storage sites.

Carbon Centric is a preferred partner for us, as they have taken an early and clear position in the emerging CO₂ value chains, and thus can deliver the CO₂ we need to be able to produce e-fuel. We see that together we can create valuable synergies, as we both build a portfolio of production facilities. Carbon Centric has secured a solid position in a future growing market, and we are very proud to be able to work with them in the future, says Lars Bjørn Larsen, CCO in Norsk e-Fuel.


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